Building the Future of Pathology

a new vision for pathology

Introducing the VistaPath Sentinel, the world’s first automated tissue grossing platform.


Simply the easiest, safest way to gross tissues


The sample container and cassette are placed into the Sentinel, where an image of the tissue and the container label is taken.


The Sentinel continuously checks the container and cassettes being used to guarantee specimens can’t be mixed up.


As the tissue is transferred into the cassette, the Sentinel locates, measures and captures an image of each piece of tissue.


A gross report is automatically generated using the laboratory’s own template. The technician approves the report and it’s transferred to the patient’s record.



Ditch the ruler

The Sentinel will automatically locate, measure and image tissue as it’s placed into the cassette, all in under a second. Measurements are more accurate and consistent than from technicians.

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Eliminate mix-ups and errors

The Sentinel ensures errors don’t occur in your laboratory’s process.

Cassette and container mismatch? The Sentinel is constantly reading all labeling and will lock out and notify the user if a mismatch occurs.

Tissue left in the container? The Sentinel monitors all tissue before, during and after transfer from the container to the cassette ensuring no tissue is lost or left behind.



Visualize your specimens

Print beautiful, full-color reports that provide the gross description, patient and clinician information and images of the container, container label and cassette. The Sentinel provides the most robust record of specimens as they are received and moved through the grossing process.


Organize and react

Easily see and react to changes in your workload. View cases as they are imaged, approved or reassessed.

The Sentinel is the only platform that can allow labs to image specimens, generate gross reports and approve them remotely; shaving hours off your specimen turnaround time.


Want to see how the VistaPath Sentinel can improve your laboratory?


We’ll be unveiling more about the future of pathology soon.

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